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Panavia™ SA Cement Universal

Cement everything without the need for a separate primer or silane.

Easy. Clean.

Try PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal and take primer and silane out of your world. It adheres with virtually all restorative materials without the need for a separate primer or silane. PANAVIA SA Cement Universal is your new everyday cement.

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Finally a world without separate primer and silane
Easy. Clean. Versatile.

A Breakthrough from the Innovators of Adhesion and Silane Technology

MDP Monomer

Original MDP

The Original MDP monomer creates a strong chemical bond to Enamel, Dentin, Metal Alloy and Zirconia.



The unique LCSi monomer creates a strong chemical bond to Porcelain, Lithium Disilicate and Composite Resin.

PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal is a forerunner in self-adhesive resin cements containing the unique LCSi monomer that adheres to virtually every material including glass ceramics without the need for a separate primer. Using a unique silane coupling agent built into the paste – LCSi monomer – the cement delivers a strong, durable chemical bond to porcelain, lithium disilicate and composite resin. The original MDP monomer present in the paste too allows for chemical reactiveness with zirconia, dentin and enamel.

Building on the success of our PANAVIA™ SA Cement Plus, PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal also offers the same wide range of indications for adhesion and is suitable for crowns/bridges, inlays/onlays, posts, and even adhesion bridges. Thanks to its powerful single-step bonding formula, cementation is easier than ever before. The product is available in both automix and handmix options.

Easy Clean-Up, Easy Application, Easy Storage.

Apply cement
Remove cement
Remove Cement
Ready for application
Easy application
Easy Application
Room temperature storage
Room Temperature Storage

Convinced of the Advantages?

The Benefits

  • Suitable for prosthetic restorations
  • Even LiDiSi cementation
  • Easy, gum-friendly excess removal
  • No need for separate primers
  • Storage at room temperature

Cement Everything in a Single Step with Confidence

Shear bond strength to restorative materials without primer.

Shear bond strength chart

Data Source: Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.