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Panavia™ V5

One Cement. All Indications. One Prime Procedure.

Simply Create the Panavia Smile

One predictable procedure for cementing your prosthetics reimagined. All your cementation appointments become a joy. Even if you need to cement precious veneers. It’s now possible thanks to the revolutionary PANAVIA™ V5.

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All Cement Indications from Clinician to Lab

PANAVIA™ V5 is the strongest dentin bonding cement we have ever developed. It is our most aesthetic cement and comes in five beautiful shades There is no better way to durably cement your crowns, single-wing cantilever bridges and veneers. If you work with a lab. it’s the most reliable way to cement your implant abutments.

PANAVIA V5 Benefits


  • Wide Indication, includes adhesion bridges and veneers
  • Automix Application
  • Easy Removal of Excess Cement
  • Improved Endo-Tip
  • Low Film Thickness
  • Reliable Marginal Sealing
  • Fluoride Releasing
  • High Bond Strength
  • High Mechanic Sealing

Five Beautiful Shades

It is our most esthetic cement and comes in five beautiful shades. There is no better way to durably cement your crowns, single-wing cantilever bridges and veneers. If you work in a lab? It’s the most reliable way to cement your implant abutments too.

Shade - White
More Brightness
Shade - Brown
More Chroma
Shade - Universal
For All Cases
Shade - Clear
More Translucency
Shade - Opaque
More Masking

PANAVIA™ V5 Components

Tooth Primer

One Tooth Primer

The PANAVIA™ V5 Tooth Primer connects to the tooth and cures the paste. First the Original MDP monomers strongly bond to enamel and dentin. And second, the moment the PANAVIA™ V5 Tooth Primer touches the paste the curing process is accelerated. We like to call this touch-cure. Which leads to an extremely good polymerization of the paste.

One Prosthetic Primer

Apply and go. With CLEARFIL™ CERAMIC PRIMER Plus you can directly continue with your cementation. And the Original MDP monomers inside assure a durable bond. To not only metals but also zirconia and composites for example.

Prosthetic Primer
Predictable Esthetics

Predictable Esthetics

For your most delicate cementation appointments your shade needs to be correct. The 5 glycerine-based PANAVIA™ V5 Try-in Pastes are easy to apply. And easy to remove.

Etch with Precision

The all-new K-ETCHANT Syringe lets you fully control your application. You move the etchant, it moves. You stop moving and it just stays where you want, thanks to its thixotropic characteristics. And the new small nozzle gives you even more control to pinpoint your application. Etching is now simpler yet precise.

Etch with Precision

Just One Prime Workflow

Prime and roughen the prosthetic. Prime the tooth. That’s it. With this one simple procedure you can cement all your work. CLEARFIL CEREAMIC Primer Plus let’s you rime your prosthetics: metals, porcelains, zirconia and other dental materials. Just apply and go. And for tooth priming, just apply the PANAVIA V5 Tooth Primer for 20 seconds and dry.

Basic Procedure For Zirconia & Lithium Disilicate (E.Max*) Restorations

Prime Workflow

*Not a trademark of KURARAY Co., Ltd.

Science Shows It's Strength and Beauty

It took us more than 10 years to develop PANAVIA V5. Thanks to researchers worldwide you get full insight into it’s performance. Independent data about the strength and beaut of PANAVIA V5 proves our ground breaking bond is excellent.

Tensile Bond Strenth Chart Shear Bond Strength Chart

*Not a trademark of KURARAY Co., Ltd.
**Source: Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.